Ryan McPherson is a communication consultant and university faculty member. Ryan helps people develop powerful human communication knowledge, skill sets, and abilities. 

Ryan is the founder of Storytelling Movement LLC, a human development and coaching firm dedicated to the improvement of personal and professional strategic communication results.

Ryan has taught university communication courses for over a decade. He has produced over 518 semester credit hours and coached more than 5,000 people. He has designed award winning peer reviewed online university corporate communication courses.

Ryan serves in leadership and advisory positions for many national and local nonprofit organizations. He is founder and chair of the annual UTSA StorySLAM! presentational speaking competition. 

Ryan graduated with a master’s degree in communication studies and a certificate in corporate communication training and development. He studied organizational development, instructional communication, and rhetorical (persuasive) communication. 

Ryan has created and delivered courses with diverse communication topics including:

  • Persuasion, Presentational Speaking, Negotiation, Conflict Management, Advanced Composition and Argumentation

  • Organizational Development, Leadership, Business and Professional Communication

  • Corporate Communication, Rhetorical Communication, Language and Communication Theory

  • Fundamentals of Human Communication, Foundations of Communication

  • Small Group Communication, Interpersonal Communication

  • Writing For Mass Media, Introduction to Mass Media

  • Communication Skills for Career Growth, Introduction to Adult Learning

Connect With Ryan on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanmcpherson